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Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust is a NHS Foundation Trust. This means we are not directed or controlled by the Secretary of State for Health, but we are still part of the National Health Service family and subject to NHS quality standards, performance ratings and systems of inspection.

One of the greatest benefits of being a NHS Foundation Trust is that the new structure helps us to work much closer with local people and service users to help us respond to the needs of our communities. Other benefits include the chance to maximise financial freedoms, have more control over our money to improve facilities and achieve a better balance between national and local priorities.

How We're Structured

A fundamental part of being a NHS Foundation Trust is the different way the organisation is structured. It is based upon the involvement of local people, patients, carers, partner organisations (such as Kirklees Council, Calderdale Council and the local university) and staff employed by the Trust.

There are three main components to the way a NHS Foundation Trust is structured:

A membership community made up of local people, patients, carers, staff from partner organisations and staff employed by the Trust; A Council of Governors elected from the membership community and also including representatives from the Trust’s key partners in health and social care and a Board of Directors made up of a chairman and non-executive directors (appointed by the Council of Governors), a chief executive (appointed by the non-executive directors) and executive directors (appointed by the chief executive and non-executive directors).

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