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RCN President praises our nurses

The President of the Royal College of Nursing, Cecilia Anim, paid us a visit to see compassionate care on our wards. 

The visit was part of day in Yorkshire looking at excellent nursing practice in the region. Cecilia was welcomed by our director of nursing Julie Dawes and her deputy Lindsay Rudge at Trust HQ at HRI and was accompanied by Glenn Turp from the RCN. She then went to Ward 19 and 20 at HRI and onto 5ad at CRH. 

Julie Dawes said: "It was a pleasure to welcome the RCN delegation to CHFT and introduce them to our nursing teams during their working day and to show how we are working together in teams to deliver the best quality care for our patients and their families." 

Cecilia, said: "I had the opportunity to hold discussions and meet with senior management and front line staff after which I had the impression of a nurturing environment with open culture that supports and ensures that the best patient care is being given..

"Despite the challenges facing our health systems, staff are striving to provide and improve outcomes for patients and their loved ones. I enjoyed the warmth and friendship shown."