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Yorkshire Fertility – our team is expanding across Yorkshire

Our outstanding West Yorkshire NHS fertility team is delighted to announce its expansion into Bradford.


In a unique tie-in with the Bradford City Health GP Federation, quality NHS fertility treatment is now available closer to Bradford residents’ homes at the Clarendon Centre in central Bradford.


Already the team – called Yorkshire Fertility - is receiving referrals from GPs to the new service in Bradford. The team is also enhancing existing services in the Wakefield and Dewsbury areas.


The team based at our trust celebrated its 20th birthday. It has an amazing record over the years. Its current conception success rate is 38.6% and more than 1500 babies have been born through treatment with the team.


Our team of doctors and specialist nurses offer their expertise in both male and female fertility and place a strong emphasis on individualised and specialist care locally.


Every year, we host a celebration party for families who wish to attend and share their experiences.


Service lead, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Martin DeBono, said: “This is a very exciting time for the team which has developed vast experience over the years and a first class reputation – offering services to Calderdale and Huddersfield.


“Now, for the first time, we are expanding into new areas and offering our care and expertise in Bradford and across Yorkshire and bringing services closer to where our families live.


“Yorkshire Fertility will offer a service which is renowned for being both professional and empathic with a focus very much on the individual throughout. Our teams carry out personalised care from the very start and constantly involve patients in decision making about their treatment.


Sister Helen Marvell, said: “If you need help to become a parent it can feel rather lonely with the pressure when you have nowhere to go locally. Once you are in contact with us we supply all the care and support you need.”


Yorkshire Fertility now offers services to the City Health GP Federation at the Clarendon Centre in central Bradford and to Mid Yorks NHS Trust at both Pinderfields and Dewsbury Hospitals. It will mean less travelling for many patients as for the first time they will be able to access specialist fertility support from a top NHS team close to their homes.


Services on offer include: first appointment where they will be seen by a fertility nurse specialist and follow-up appointments with a specialist fertility doctor.


The service is open to all patients including those who are not eligible for NHS treatment. All referrals are welcome where a full assessment and appropriate investigations will be carried out..


To access the service you may use the following:


Visit your GP who can arrange a referral through the E-Referral System: 


We will accept self–referrals over the telephone. 01422 224478


Or start your journey to becoming a family. Call the team on 01422 224478 or email


Please email directly now for advice and support if you are trying to have a baby and haven’t been to see a doctor yet or if you are already a patient needing extra support between appointments


To find out more about the service we offer including treatment and costs please visit our website