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Service Summary

Where to find us

Huddersfield Royal InfirmaryCalderdale Royal Hospital

The outpatient haematology services are based in the Macmillan Unit. Pay and display parking is located at the front of the hospital. The Macmillan unit has an entrance at the left hand side of the hospital when facing the building from the car park.

Who to contact to find out more

The Calderdale Royal Hospital outpatient haematology department (based on the Macmillan Unit) can be contacted on 01422 222668.

The Huddersfield Royal Infirmary outpatient haematology department can be contacted on 01484 342683.

Meet the team


Special interests

Dr Feyler

Consultant Haematologist

Dr Rothwell

Consultant Haematologist

Dr Swe

Consultant Haematologist

Dr Oo

Consultant Haematologist



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