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Continence service, Calderdale

The Continence Advisory Service is a confidential specialist nurse led service, which specialises in the  assessment and management of bladder and bowel dysfunction for adults. Incontinence is a distressing condition, one in four women and one in ten men will experience  continence symptoms. There are a variety of causes and with management and support, symptoms  can be eased or completed solved You can be referred to the service by your doctor, hospital consultant, social services, a relative or  other health care professionals. You can also refer yourself directly.

Where to Find us

Beechwood Community Health Centre
Keighley Road

Who to contact to find out more

You can contact the continence service on 01422 252086

Meet the Team

Sharon Holroyd, Lead Clinical Continence Specialist in adults and children
Catherine Buss, Continence Nurse Specialist in Children
Karen Smith, staff nurse continence promotion in adult
Tracey Dinsmore, administrator for adults and children