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Maternity Assessment Centre

"We aim to provide a safe, high quality and compassionate service to all women and their babies, irrespective of individual life circumstances and choices"

Our Vision

The Maternity Assessment Centre will:

Provide safe, high quality  and compassionate care to all women and their babies  who access the service, irrespective of individual life circumstances and choices; Deliver an outcome focused, sustainable and value conscious service which exceeds the expectations of the community we serve; Continually support service improvement for the benefit of our patients and staff; Safeguard a healthy start to life and a positive transition to parenthood.

Service aims

We will:

  • Provide a safe, evidence based assessment service for women who require additional monitoring or diagnosis during pregnancy and the postnatal period
  • Enable women to make informed choices about their care
  • Foster a culture of multidisciplinary decision making for the benefit of the women and their families
  • Provide personalised care which exceeds the woman’s expectations in delivering a positive experience for the women
  • Reduce unnecessary intervention and admission to hospital

Location and opening hours

Now open 7 days a week: 08.00 - 20.30

We are based within the Maternity Unit at Calderdale Royal Hospital. The Maternity Assessment Centre is a self-contained suite of treatment/assessment areas. You can park in the Women’s + Children’s Unit car park at the back of the hospital which is clearly signposted and you will find us on the 2nd Floor.


The Maternity Assessment Centre will be staffed by experienced midwives and maternity support workers who will work together with you to provide the best care possible. We provide care to women who have planned appointments for on-going care as well as urgent assessments after 16 weeks gestation of pregnancy. Please understand we aim to see women in a timely manner according to the severity of each presenting condition.This means you may not always be seen in the order in which you arrive. The midwife caring for you during your visit may liaise with the doctor’s on-call if they have concerns they feel need to be discussed in order to provide you with a clear plan of care that will be fully discussed with you. Our aim is to provide you and your family with consistent, clear, high quality care delivered with compassion that enables you to make an informed choice about any on-going care. Please feel free to ask us anything you don’t understand and need further discussion.

Referral pathway

We encourage you to contact your community midwife and GP throughout your pregnancy with any minor pregnancy related concerns. Please contact MAC if you have concerns regarding:

  • Baby’s movements
  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Abdominal pain
  • Think your ‘waters’ have broken
  • Think you are in labour

You may be referred to MAC for assessment / on-going  monitoring if your midwife, GP, antenatal clinic or other departments within the Trust have any concerns.

Your journey through MAC

Contact will be made by telephone to the Midwife in MAC who will discuss the concern/s over the phone and will provide appropriate advice and/or arrange for you to attend for assessment :

  • You may be advised to attend immediately to the Birth Unit you have chosen
  • Advised to attend MAC as soon as possible for a face-to-face assessment
  • Provided with an appointment to attend for assessment in MAC
  • Advised to see your GP/Community Midwife
  • Advised to attend A+E if not a pregnancy related concern and deemed necessary

Please bring your Maternity Record with you and your birth partner is welcome to attend with you.

  • Following a full assessment you may either be:
  • Discharged home by the midwife/doctor
  • Given on-going appointments for further monitoring in MAC and / or antenatal clinic
  • Admitted to hospital for on-going care if deemed necessary

Why would I be seen in MAC?

We see women in the Centre for:

  • On-going monitoring of raised blood pressure
  • On-going monitoring of cholestasis of pregnancy (liver condition in pregnancy)
  • Concerns regarding baby’s movements
  • On-going monitoring of a suspected small baby
  • Assessment if you think your ‘waters’ have broken
  • Abdominal pain and/or vaginal bleeding
  • Outpatient Induction of labour (if low risk)
  • Assessment if in labour
  • Any other concerns about you or your pregnancy
  • Concerns after you have had your baby, if requested by a GP/Community Midwife

If you are low risk and planning to birth on either Birth Centres or at Home and you think you are in labour, please contact them directly.

Patient Information leaflets

Please download these leaflets and read if you wish to find out more about the service.