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Non-surgical oncology

The oncology clinics provide a service for new and review patients referred for non-surgical cancer 


Contact Information

Lisa Williams

General Manager for Oncology, Haematology & Palliative Care


01484 342954


01484 347099


Consultants in Clinical and Medical Oncology


Contact Information

Dr Adrian Crellin 

Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Clinical Director-Radiotherapy

Tel: 0113, Fax: 0113 3924052

Speciality: Provides clinical oncology support to Breast and Colorectal Multi-Disciplinary Teams.

Dr Jo Dent 

Consultant in Medical Oncology

Tel: 01484 342154, Fax: 01484 342187

Speciality: Gastrointestinal oncology and breast cancers

Dr Johnathan Joffe

Consultant in Medical Oncology, Clinical Director for Oncology, Haematology & Palliative Care

Tel: 01484 342150, Fax: 01484 342187 

Speciality: Colorectal, breast, testicular cancers.

Dr Rob Turner

Consultant in Clinical Oncology

Tel: 0113, Fax: 0113 392

Speciality: Lung and urological cancers