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The R&D Department has been offering training for many years to NHS staff. Due to its popularity and demand the training has developed even further to cover a number of areas to reflect changes within NHS research and development. This has been acknowledged by Health Education Yorkshire and Humber (LETb) who continue to fund our programme each year.

The R&D training & skills programme is offered free of charge to all NHS staff and those from partner agencies working in health and social care within the Health Education Yorkshire and Humber region.  We also welcome staff from outside our boundary on all our course. (Please see below for current course fees)

Detailed below are the range of courses we offer, from a 16-week course to half-day workshops:

Research in Health and Social Care - A Practical Introduction

If you want to become better able to:

  • access, evaluate, and apply research evidence to practice
  • develop or participate in local research projects
  • understand the place of research and evidence in modern health and social care.

...then this course is for you!

Now well established, it has been specifically developed to enable front-line clinical staff to access and evaluate research evidence, and to carry out research and evaluation to meet local needs.  The next course starts on with take place in Autumn 2016.  Further information will be posted next year.

Developing Research Proposals for Funding - 1 Day  workshop 

This offers an ambitious introduction to the research process and its attendant regulation, along with suggestions of sources of funding.  It also attempts to be a good mixture of didactic input followed by practical exercises that allow students to work through some of the issues involved in designing a basic research projects.  The next course will take place on Monday 1st February 2016 at Bradford Royal Infirmary.   For further information or to book a place please view the Flyer/Booking Form.

Critical Appraisal Skills - half day workshop

This introduction to the techniques essential to use existing published research covers issues of methodology and statistics in determining the quality and applicability of published research.  As these skills form the basis for implementing evidence based healthcare. The next course will take place Thursday 21st January  2016 at Dewsbury District Hospital.  Further information or to book a place please view the Flyer/Booking Form.

Statistical Principles and Analysis of Data- Two Day Course

This two day course is designed to give participants an overview of basic statistics and analysis of data that is most commonly used within research practices and other areas of health care. It will focus on key elements of quantitative data analysis.  This course is aimed at those currently doing research, intending to do research or those with research interests. The next course will take place May 2016. Details will be available in Spring 2016.

Qualitative Research Methods - One Day Workshop

A one day training course designed to introduce participants to the basic priniciples of qualitative research methods used in health and social care settings.  It will also help participants assess their own strengths and weaknesses. Wian and emphasis on group work and guided learning, participants will have the opportunity ot focus upon the planning, conduct and analysis of in-depth interviews.  The next workshop takes place in June 2016.  Details will be available in Spring 2016.

Course Fees (external to Health Education Yorkshire and Humber)

Research in Health and Social Care

Full course: 8 days/16 sessions = £1,000

Or single days offered depending on request/pre-requisites: one day/ 2 sessions = £200 

Statistical Principles and Analysis of Data 

Two Day Workshop = £395 

Developing Research Proposals for Funding  

Full Day Workshop = £200 

Critical Appraisal Skills  

Half Day Workshop = £125


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