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CHFT Transformation Updates

Welcome to this website page which will follow the journey as we progress along the road to transforming hospital services locally. *Please see below for key documents*.

We are aiming to start some of the building work next year and for it all to be completed by 2025 – supported by £196.6m from the Treasury. 

By 2025 we aim to have two hospitals with the following services: 

  • Urgent Care and A&E services at both hospitals
  • Outpatients at both hospitals
  • Birth Centres at both hospitals
  • All blue light ambulance attendances at CRH
  • A critical care unit,  acute inpatient care, maternity and paediatric medicine at CRH
  • All planned surgery and medical procedures at HRI

Where are we now? 

We have just completed an initial Design Brief phase where colleagues at CHFT as well as members of the public were invited to share their views about how our two new-look hospitals might look and function. 

It’s a big opportunity for us to create two state-of-the-art hospitals for current and future generations.

The Design Brief Phase- at the end of last year - was the first step so a big thank you to everyone who contributed.

The Design Brief report can be found here.

This will be the first of ongoing updates throughout the transformation process and thank-you for your interest.

Our Trust is currently dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you have any inquiries please send an email to:  Thank-you.