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Cath Whitworth

Cath Whitworth, a sister on the neonatal unit at Calderdale Royal Hospital, has won a clutch of swimming gold medals in World Transplant Games after undergoing a liver transplant.

Cath, a mum-of-two had been given only a year to live before her operation and now she swims competitively as her way of saying thank-you.

She said: “I had my transplant 11 years ago so I have had 11 years when I might not have been here and for that I am very grateful.

Swimming is my way of saying a silent thank-you to my donor and her family in recognition of their generosity at such a hard and difficult time. Being part of the Transplant Games helps raise awareness about the value of organ donation and transplantation.

“There is much to do to bridge the gap between the need for an organ transplant and the thousands of people who die each year because one is not available.”

She is backing our new campaign to raise the profile of organ donation throughout the Trust.

Cath is now waiting to find out if she has been selected to swim for Great Britain in the World Games in Sweden next summer.

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