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Neil Tarbutt

A Lepton man, who is alive today because of a life-saving liver transplant, is urging others to join the NHS organ donor register.

Neil Tarbutt, 61, suddenly became ill in September 2002, while on holiday in Rhodes. He was diagnosed with hemochromatosis, a condition where iron content is high in the liver. His condition deteriorated further, and he was told by doctors at St James’s Hospital, Leeds, that he would need a liver transplant.

Neil was put on the waiting list, and it was three months before he got a call from St James’s, saying a liver had become available. 

Thankfully, the transplant was a success and Neil was back at work at his garage in Nettleton Road, Dalton, after only three months.

Now Neil and his wife Sue are urging others to join the NHS donor register.

Neil said: “I know I am a lucky man. Without the transplant, I would not have lived to see both our daughter and son marry, or the birth of our grandchildren. Since the transplant, we try to encourage people to talk about organ donation, and to join the organ donor register.”

To join the register or call 0300 123 23 23