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Class 3

Funding details, charging policies and financial accounts

Click here to access the Calderdale and  Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trusts Annual report (full), containing full details of financial statements.

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance has corporate responsibility for the Trust’s finances, and can be contacted via the Finance Department at:

Acre House
64 Acre Street

Tel : 01484 355458

The Trust Board receives a regular update on the financial position of the Trust through the Corporate Finance Report and also receives a half yearly report on the Trust’s Charitable Funds. The Trust has an Audit Committee, chaired by a non-executive director. The minutes of the Audit Committee are reported to the Trust Board.

For information on spending over £25k click here.

In addition to the Corporate Finance Report the Trust’s Annual Accounts and Annual Accounts and Report for its Charitable Funds are also available to the public.

Corporate Finance Report

contact Freedom of Information Officer

Audit Committee Minutes

contact Freedom of Information Officer

Trust’s Annual Accounts

contact Freedom of Information Officer

Annual Accounts and Report for its Charitable Funds

contact Freedom of Information Officer


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