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A record-breaking five nominations for caring for his patients AND his colleagues!

Our Respiratory Ward Charge Nurse Leslie Dalley is our latest Star Award winner for way he cares  for his patients AND his colleagues.

He's such a good team member he was nominated a record-breaking five times  - by five different colleagues - in a single month! Usually, to get one is a cracking achievement so five is simply spectacular.

Owen made his usual secret trip to make the presentation and attached is the moment the surprise was sprung on Ward 5 at CRH. Owen said: "Overall they just love you. They are so pleased to have you around."

Leslie said: "I'm not crying, I'm just bright red!"

This is what his nominators had to say about him:

Joel Galinato  - "Leslie has taugh me alot, he is a very good teacher and if I don't understand he will re word things."

Tasmia Hussain -  "He is very pleasant to work with. He is very helpful to all staff." 

Michelle Beecher - "As a staff member working cross site, I remember my second shift working on his ward. I was finding it difficult getting around and knowing where to find things. Leslie was the nurse in charge that day. He was very helpful with showing me around, where I could go and sit to have my breaks, where the restroom was and the way he takes care of his patients is beyond words."

Fe Robertson - "As new worker who has never worked on a ward, Leslie taught me a lot.  Leslie is always there for me when I need help about my work. He is a good critical thinker kind of a nurse. He doesn't hesitate to help people around the ward."

Angela Hermia - "He demonstated the Four Pillars as there was an emergency and he helped without hesitation even though it was not his patient that he was looking after. He is good leader and very task oriented person." 

** Comms would like to say a huge thank you to the staff on the ward that helped us pull this surprise off yesterday. Owen/we couldn't have done it without you.