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Our safeguarding pledge

CHFT  Safeguarding pledge

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust is fully committed to safeguarding children and adults and has robust safeguarding policies in place  which follow both local and national legislation and guidance. These place a duty upon every employee who has contact with children, adults and families in their everyday work to safeguard and promote their welfare. The Trust has nominated safeguarding leads who advise and support professionals when they raise concerns about a child or adult’s welfare. 

Safeguarding is characterised by shared decision making and joint working. Whilst parents and carers have primary responsibility for those in their care, local authorities working with partner agencies have specific duties to safeguard children and adults in their local areas. These duties can only be fulfilled when there is full co-operation between agencies.

The Trust will act in partnership with other key agencies to take appropriate action when abuse or neglect is suspected. This will include liaising with the police and social care when required. 


How can you help us to Safeguard Our Patients?

What you need to know

The Trust is committed to protecting the safety and welfare of children and adults and this is at the heart of everything we do. It is their right to be kept safe from harm, abuse or neglect.

Abuse may consist of single or repeated actions and may be :

* Physical

* Sexual

* Neglect

* Financial

* Emotional

* Organisational

* Relating to self neglect or discrimination.


Why it’s important

Everyone at the Trust has a responsibility for safeguarding. If you are worried about the safety or welfare of a child or adult you can talk to the Ward Manager, Senior Sister or Matron or use the following contact numbers to share your concerns. 


Safeguarding Children and Young People

The Trust has a Head of Safeguarding, Named Nurse, Named Doctor, Named Midwife and a Paediatric Liaison Sister who lead and work with and support CHFT staff on issues relating to  Safeguarding Children. 

If concerns are raised about a child or young person in our hospitals, the Trust's Children's Safeguarding team, nurses and doctors work closely with the child, schools, the police and social services.

If you suspect that a child is being abused or neglected, these websites have contact numbers for raising concerns both during and out of office working hours.


Safeguarding Adults at Risk 

The Trust has a Head of Safeguarding, a Named Professional and a Specialist Advisor who work with and support staff on issues relating to  Safeguarding adults at risk.

An adult at risk is anyone aged 18 years or over.

* Who is or maybe in need of community services because of mental or other illness, disability or age and 

* Who is or may be unable to protect themselves against serious harm or exploitation

If you suspect an adult is at risk or is being abused these websites have contact numbers for raising concerns both during and out of office hours :