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Good positioning for your video appointment can make the experience much better for both you and your doctor or care provider.

Below are some examples of how to get ready for the appointment when using video from a smart phone, tablet or computer.  Remember the space between you and the camera should be about 2 feet which is about the length of an adult's arm.

Find the right place

  • Try to sit somewhere quiet where you will not be interrupted.
  • The room needs to be well lit.
  • Avoid direct sun light or bright spot lights on your face.

Propping up your phone or tablet

  • You can prop the phone up against a solid object.
  • You could use books, a heavy tin or a lamp.
  • Ensure the phone or tablet is approximately 2 feet or about an arms length away from your face so the doctor can see you.

Kneeling or sitting

  • Younger patients might find it easier to kneel or sit to position themselves in front of the device.
  • A parent or carer can be in the room as well.

Using a laptop

  • A laptop can make it easier to take part in a video appointment as you can move the screen forward and backwards.
  • Its also a larger screen so you will find it easier to position yourself for the camera.



  • If holding a phone, it needs to be at arms length so that the doctor or nurse has full view of your face. Holding a phone like this isn’t a very comfortable position but it can work for a quick chat.


If using a tablet use bigger items to prop up the device like more books or a larger tin or jar

  • Examples here show the user positioned in a well lit area so that their face is clear for the camera.
  • It’s a good idea to have a practice with a friend or relative before your appointment if you can.

Needing more space

  • Your doctor might ask to see you move around, which will need more space.
  • You can check if you are in full view of the camera by looking at the self view on the screen.


Using a tripod

  • If you don’t have a laptop or if you are struggling with propping your device up, it might be worth trying a small tripod which keeps the device steady and prevents it from falling over.