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Specialist information

What to expect from a video swallowing or communication assessment appointment

Prior to the start of the appointment please place your smart device e.g. phone, tablet or laptop, in a position so that the therapist will be able to see your upper body and head. You will need to have your hands free during the appointment.

Please have a drink and snack ready if you are booked for a swallowing assessment. This could be a drink of water, tea, juice and a sandwich, biscuit or whatever you would normally eat as a snack or meal.

If needed please ensure you are wearing your dentures / hearing aids / glasses in preparation for assessment.

When you have joined the appointment the therapist will ask you some questions about your difficulties and what makes it worse or helps it. They may ask you to move certain parts of your head, face and mouth. Sometimes this may feel silly but it all gives us vital clues about your difficulties.  The therapist may then ask you to eat or drink or may start an assessment of your communication difficulties.

For the assessment or to help you understand your difficulties the therapist may make a diagram appear at the side of the screen. The therapist will guide you about what you need to do.At the end of the session the therapist will give a brief overview of what they have found and will go through any advice sheets that they want to email to you. If you have any questions, please ask throughout the session.The Speech and Language Therapy Team