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Breast care services

The Breast Unit operates from two sites, Calderdale Royal Infirmary and Huddersfield Royal Infirmary delivering a total of 7 clinics each week.

Most patients are referred from their local GP for diagnosis and treatment of breast conditions. Referrals are also taken from the Pennine Breast Screening Unit to the patient's choice of hospital. 

Comprehensive multi-disciplinary breast services delivered include: 

  • Outpatient services operating on two sites for patients convenience
  • Patients are treated within multi-disciplinary clinical teams working to national guidelines.
  • Excellent peer review
  • 100% two week wait for fast track referrals
  • Immediate and delayed breast reconstruction
  • Nipple areola tattooing.
  • Sentinel node biopsy.
  • Neo-adjuvant /preoperative endocrine therapy and chemotherapy.
  • Access to new drugs through extensive clinical trials.
  • Family history screening
  • Genetics referral service
  • ‘Drop-in’ clinics available weekly
  • Support groups weekly
  • Support groups for metastatic patients
  • Prosthetic and bra fitting
  • Lymphoedema assessment and treatment
  • Counselling services
  • An all female in patients ward (Ward 4C)

Where to find us

Main out patient departments:

The Calderdale Royal Infirmary, Salterhebble Hill, Halifax. Tel 01422 357171

The Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, Acre Street, Lindley Huddersfield. Tel 01484 342000

Who to contact to find out more

Breast Care Nurses Offices:

Calderdale Royal Hospital: 01422 222722/23

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary: 01484 355515

Meet the team

Consultant Surgeons: Ms A. Waterworth, Mr N.K. Sharma, Ms S. Iqbal and Mrs W. Hamilton-Burke.

Breast Care Nurses: Julie Bottomley, Joyce Graham, Debbie Weavill, Carina Madden and Sue Booker.


Special Interests

Inpatient Services (available at which site)

Outpatient services (which sites and any outreach clinics)

Miss Shabana Iqbal

Consultant Breast Surgeon

Currently has no clinical or surgical dates.

Currently has no clinical or surgical dates.

Mr Narinder Sharma

Consultant Breast and Reconstructive Surgeon

CRH Inpatient and Day Surgery

CRH Tuesday AM - new and follow up

CRH Tuesday PM - new patients ONLY

Ms Alison Waterworth

Consultant Oncoplastic Breast and Reconstructive Surgeon. MDT Lead

CRH Inpatient and day surgery
HRI Day Surgery

CRH Wednesday AM - new and follow up (alt. weeks)

CRH Thursday AM - new family history, new symptomatic patients and follow up (alt. weeks)

CRH Friday AM - new and follow up

CRH Friday PM - new patients ONLY

Mrs Werbena Hamilton-Burke

Consultant Oncoplastic Breast & Reconstructive Surgeon

OP Services

CRH Monday PM - new and follow up

HRI Wednesday AM - new patients ONLY

HRI Thursday - new patients ONLY (alt. weeks)

HRI Friday AM - follow up

Mrs J Graham

Special Interest Macmillan Nurse Consultant in Breast Care

Lead Nurse for MDT

OP Services

HRI Wednesday AM - new patient clinic for Mrs W Hamiltion-Burke

HRI Thursday - new patient and follow up for Oncology clinic with Dr Dent

HRI Friday - new patient clinic for Miss Waterworth

Mr Nick Rhodes

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

HRI - Acre Mill

HRI Friday PM

Dr Christina Batz

Consultant Radiologist

Dr Simon Dennis

Consultant Radiologist

Dr Jonathan Joffe

Consultant Medical Oncologist


HRI/CRH Thursday

Dr Jo Dent

Consultant Medical Oncologist


HRI/CRH Thursday

Dr Mehmet Sen

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

HRI OP Friday

Neil Roberts

Consultant Clinical Radiographer

HRI OP Friday AM

Carolyn Smith

MDT Co-ordinator

Maureen Overton

Cancer Services Manager

Christopher Button

Lead Cancer Nurse

Jason Bushby

General Manager for Surgery & Specialist Services

Clare Barker

Secretary to all Breast Surgeons

01422 224042

Breast Care Nursing Team

Name & Role




Joyce Graham

Macmillan Nurse Consultant in Breast Care

01484 355515 /  01422 22722 / 01422 222711


Julie Bottomley 

Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Breast Care

01422 22723 / 01422 222711


Debbie Weavill 

Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist in Breast Care

01484 355525 / 01422 222711


Susan Booker

Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist in Breast Care

01484 355524 / 01422 222711


Carina Madden

Breast Care Support Nurse

01422 222721 / 01422 222711


Diane Crodden

Macmillan cancer Care Co-Ordinator

01484 355524 / 01422 222711


Heidi Thornton

Secretary to Breast care Nursing Team

01422 222527