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Elective Orthopaedic rehab team

Our service comprises of an occupational therapist, a nurse, physiotherapists, rehabilitation assistants and clerical officers. We currently work as two linked teams, one covering the Huddersfield area and one covering Calderdale. We see patients in their own homes following hip  and knee replacement surgery. All our staff are registered and regulated by the ‘Health Professions Council (HPC)’

Is your therapist registered with the HPC? 

What do we do?

Our service facilitates a smooth discharge home from the orthopaedic unit at Calderdale Royal  Hospital. Most people are medically fit and safely mobile enough to return home within a few days  following joint surgery to replace a hip or knee. We want you to feel confident that your  rehabilitation that started on the ward continues once you are home. Our service will assess, advise  and offer treatment, enabling a timely recovery and return to independence.  We often describe  ourselves as an ‘outreach’ team or in other words, a community extension of the orthopaedic unit. We may progress your exercise programme and help you gain improvement with your walking, both  indoors and out.  We will check that you are able to safely use your kitchen and bathroom. We will  check that any equipment previously supplied is still appropriate and can organise the provision of  new equipment if this is required.

We frequently liase with district nurse, GPs and the consultants and can do this on your behalf if a  query about your new joint arises. On discharging you from our service, often after a few visits, we  send a progress report to your consultant and GP. You are invited to ring us for advice if you have  any concerns about your new joint, either while we are still seeing you, or after our visits have  stopped.

How do you get referred to the Rehabilitation at Home service?

We have regular contact with the orthopaedic department at Calderdale Royal Hospital and know  who is currently on the ward following joint replacement surgery. The staff on the unit will keep us  updated on your progress and will let us know when you are due home. You will be given our  contact details before you leave hospital. We like to talk to you by telephone at least within 24 hours  of you arriving home to arrange our first visit. We endeavour to see you within the first 48 hours  following discharge home from hospital. Our initial assessment will give us an idea to the frequency  and number of visits recommended by our team. Thereafter, how you progress will influence how  long we need to see you for.  Most of our patients only require three or four visits.

Who to contact to find out more

Elective Orthopaedic Rehabilitation team
Community Support Centre
Office phone number 01422 306723
Mobile phone number 07768 358907

Manager of service: Jo Vaughan