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Newborn Infant physical examination

When your baby is born, the midwife or Paediatrician will carry out some checks of your baby from head to toe.

You will then be offered a more detailed physical examination of your baby. This should be done between 24 and 72 hours of birth. If you are in hospital at that time this examination will be performed by a specially trained midwife or a Paediatrician, otherwise this will be done by your GP. These examinations include a screening examination to find those babies who may have a problem with their eyes, heart, hips and, in boys, testicles. Your baby will experience a lot of physical changes in the first two months of life and this is why the examination is repeated at six to eight weeks by your GP.

The results of this examination should be written in the baby's child health record (red book) so please have that available for the Doctor who is performing the tests for your baby.

If you have any concerns about your baby's development you should contact your GP or Health visitor.