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Rapid Diagnostic Centre

What is a Rapid Diagnostic Centre?

A rapid diagnostic Centre is not a building it is a virtual set of seven key principles (see image above) to make sure that someone who may have symptoms that could be cancer , and that they are diagnosed as quickly as we can.

For the person who is referred to us, we aim to do your tests in bundles or a one stop clinic so you have your results as quickly as possible.

The National Health Service England (NHSE) recommend that someone knows whether their symptoms are because of a cancer or not within 28 days of being referred by their GP or dentist.

You may not know your treatment plan within 28 days but you will know if you have or haven’t got a cancer.

We will ask your GP to do a number of test before yout telephone appoitnment with the team, so please don’t worry if you are asked to attend for scans or bloods before you are seen at the hospital.

Following all your tests if it is a cancer you will be referred straight away to the specialist team. In some cases, there is no explanation for the patients symptoms and in such cases we would refer back to GP or make suggestions to GP.

We offer video consultations, telephone as well as face to face.

What is the difference between rapid diagnostic and two week wait?

If you have very specific symptoms that flag the possibility of a certain type of cancer, you will automatically be referred through what is called a two week fast track to a specific cancer team. That remains the same, you will also be aware if your investigations confirm a cancer or not within 28 days.

The rapid diagnostic centre currently is for people who have symptoms that are worrying and could be a cancer but are not typical of a specific cancer type and you can be referred through the rapid diagnostic centre team. This is called non specific symptom pathway.

What benefits does the rapid diagnotic centre provide?

Some forms of cancer show very specific symptoms and it is clear when to refer to specific teams such as the head and neck team or breast cancer team. However, sometime things like weight loss or fatigue and vomiting can not always be explained, especially if they are lasting for a few months.

We want to rule out that ‘vague’ symptoms are an early cancer that isn’t picked up until it is advanced and our rapid diagnostic centre team aims to do that.

Where we can we do all your test on the same day, however this is not always possible and the majority of patients require additional bloods, scans and or endocscopies which are often on different days.

Someone will navigate you through all your test and keep you informed of what is happening.

The service of rapid diagnostic centre is developing and we love your views or comments, we are looking to develop the service with our GP’s in Calderdale and Kirklees, we would also like patient involvement in shaping our future service, if you would like to contact me and would be happy to hear from you.

This short video demonstrates the Rapid Diagnostic Programme

Having tests and investigations at the hospital often make people feel quite nervous and not knowing what to expect can add to the worry.

We are creating a series of videos to demonstrate certain tests and scans, to give you a picture of what will happen, with the aim of reducing some of that worry. 

This video features the MRI scan

The rapid diagnostic team

Programme Manager - Julie Hoole

Consultant Haematologist - Sylvia Feyler

Lead GP - Madhuri Navuluri

Specialist Nurse - Ursula Johnson

Team Co-ordinator - Becki Priestley

Care Navigators - Linzi Haigh and Liz Dobson

We value you feedback, and would appreciate it if you could spend a few minutes to complete the survey below.