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Head and Jaw (Temporomandibular)

Our Temperomandibular Team

Our temperomandibular team consists of Physiotherapists' with specialised training in assessing and treating this joint. We work across the Trust in different locations. Our advice and treatment package has been developed in liaison with the Maxillo-facial clinic.

We offer one to one treatments to address issues due to poor posture, tension, instability, restricted movement, muscle imbalance and disc displacement.

Jaw / Temperomandibular Joint Problem leaflet

Our Facial Palsy Team

The Facial Palsy team specialise in assessing and treating facial palsy.  We work across the trust in a range of different locations.

We offer advice and support to patients with facial palsy whose problems do not resolve in the first 6 weeks.   We offer treatment and self- management techniques to maximise recovery and to cope with issues such as synkinesis.

Please click on the link below for information leaflet on facial palsy.

Facial Palsy Leaflet