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Upper Limb

Our Upper Limb Team

Our upper limb team consists of a number of physiotherapists, with a specialist interest in upper limb disorders. We work across the Trust in a range of different locations and offer expert advice to other colleagues within the physiotherapy team. We work closely with the upper limb consultants, and the ward-based orthopaedic physiotherapists to provide a seamless and consistent service to our patients. Our philosophy is to provide evidence based treatment that addresses the needs of each individual and helps them work towards their goals. 

We utilise a number of different treatment modalities on a one to one basis, and also provide a shoulder rehabilitation class and Pilates. In addition we can access other rehabilitation classes aimed at more general fitness and have close communication links with the lower limb, spinal and rheumatology colleagues to ensure a holistic approach in managing patients with multiple pathologies.

The upper limb team has access to the physiotherapy run injection clinic, with the aim of providing a timely injection as part of the rehabilitation package. Below are some leaflets on common upper limb problems that you may find useful