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The Research Office was created in 1997 and now has an experienced multi-professional team. The team includes qualified staff experienced in clinical practice, management and research and teaching in higher education. 

The R&D department is dedicated to supporting and furthering research and development within the Trust. We welcome enquires from researchers and patients or members of the public who would like advice or further information.

Key Personnel & Contact Information



Phone Number

Cornelle Parker

R&D Director

01484 343396

Asifa Ali

R&D Lead

01484 343397

Lesley Thomis

Research Facilitator

01484 343396

Annalisa Dance

R&D Support Officer 

01484 347388

Please feel free to visit, telephone, write or email the research team at:

The R&D Department, Room 21
Block 1, Basement Corridor (South Drive Entrance)
Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

Tel: (01484) 343396
Email: R&