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Maternity Services

Why you should have your baby at CHFT

Our maternity services - your choice

We are proud of our maternity services and the choice they provide – from home birth supported by skilled midwives to care led by consultants. Maternity services are provided at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and Calderdale Royal Hospital and in the communities of Calderdale and Kirklees. The information on these pages aims to outline the choices available to you, which need to be discussed with your midwife. If you want to find out more please ask your midwife or get in touch with one of the contacts detailed here.

The overall aims of our maternity service 

Wherever you choose to have your baby our main aim is to help you to have a positive, safe and satisfying birth experience. Continual risk assessment throughout your pregnancy allows us to help you to decide where you wish to have your baby and this decision does not have to be made until late into your pregnancy. Across the service we aim to promote breastfeeding and support you to feed your baby safely whatever method you choose.

Help with making your choice

Discuss the options with your healthcare professional - whether it is your midwife, GP, a doctor or consultant

Talk it through with your family and friends

Find out about the risks and benefits of your preferred choice 

Don't be afraid to ask questions - our staff are here to help you