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Visiting, staying in touch & dropping off personal items

While we are cautiously stepping out of lockdown and opportunities to visit loved ones in the hospital have increased, we ask that family and friends of patients do not meet up with their loved ones within the hospital grounds. 

All visitors are screened for Covid-19 prior to the visit to keep your loved one, other patients and our staff safe, but we can’t do this if visiting is not pre-arranged.

Everyone should follow the expert national guidance on social distancing (2metres within our hospital) and self-isolation, staying at home wherever possible, to help limit the spread of coronavirus, protect the most vulnerable people in our communities and our NHS.

If you come into our hospital we ask you to continue wear a face mask or covering. Our colleagues continue to wear theirs to protect everyone, so we're asking you to do the same – read more here

** see our general Coronavirus page here **

*** Thank you for your continued support and understanding at this challenging time. *** 

Visiting restrictions are still in place - click here to read them

Our priority is to continue to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our patients, local communities and staff. As a result there will be special exceptions for visitors in the following circumstances only:

  • Exceptional circumstances which include:
    • Visiting patients who are receiving end of life or palliative care, or those whose condition has deteriorated significantly.
    • Accompanying a patient who is receiving bad news.
    • Carers for patients who require assistance e.g. supporting someone with a mental health condition, dementia, delirium, a learning disability or autism, where not being present would cause the patient to be distressed.
  • In addition to a parent/carer resident for children in Emergency Department (ED) and the Paediatric Ward, a second parent or person may visit for one hour twice a week on the Paediatric Ward
  • Patients who have a stay of more than 14 days who are NOT residing in our high risk area may have a visit for one hour twice a week – to be arranged by ward staff
  • Adults who are being treated in the ED will be eligible for an accompanying adult in the Resuscitation area providing symptoms are not suspicious of COVID-19. Special circumstances will apply if end of life is imminent enabling one person to be with the patient during this time
  • Outpatients Departments will allow an accompanying adult only in exceptional circumstances
  • Maternity and Neonatal Unit – see all the information on these pages
  • Children under the age of 16 cannot visit patients at this time
  • We're very sorry that we are unable to accommodate viewings in our mortuary for patients who have sadly died

We will arrange the visit:

  • We will be in touch with you if a visit can be facilitated as explained above
  • You will be risk assessed to determine whether you can visit the hospital
  • You will not be able visit if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or are self-isolating

Please DO NOT visit hospital if: 

  • You are showing any signs of Covid-19 (new continuous cough, high temperature, loss of taste or smell)
  • You are self-isolating with other people showing signs of Coronavirus or anyone who has been contacted by the Test and Trace programme.

Your health, safety and wellbeing, that of our patients, communities, individuals and teams across the organisation remain our absolute priority, and we continue to review visiting restrictions regularly.

We appreciate this is a very challenging time and thank you for your continued patience.

Helping you stay in touch with loved ones - our dedicated Relatives' Line and more

We appreciate it's very challenging right now for those with loved ones being cared for in our hospitals.

We have a number of ways you can stay in touch by phone and video, and we have also set up other ways to stay in touch if this isn’t always possible:

Letter to a Loved One

A dedicated way for relatives, friends or carers to post a message to their loved one who is currently an in-patient. We will deliver your message in the hope it will brighten their day and aid in their recovery – send your message here

Dedicated Relatives' Line

Set up to give families quick and direct updates on their loved ones at this difficult time. It is a single point of contact given to relatives or a designated friend when a patient is admitted. It is password protected and the team manning the number will have access to our patient information, so our ward staff have more time to care for their patients.

  • Telephone number: 01484 355370
  • Times: 07:30 – 19:30 seven days per week

Virtual visiting

Our ward staff and Relatives' Line staff can assist in the setting up of a virtual visit on the ward between the patient relative/friend/carer, promoting face-time contact using a device that we provide. 

Dropping off personal belongings

Property for inpatients can be dropped off at the entrance to the ward. Please make sure the items are packaged with your loved one’s name and ring the buzzer when you arrive so we can take it for them, as we won’t be able to let you enter the ward. 

Please only send essential items and keep property to a minimum. This helps us keep our areas clutter-free and makes them easier to clean, helping to keep infection rates down. 

Due to increased demand we can no longer accept hot or cold food and you should avoid sending perishables. The items we recommend you bring if required are: 

  • Night and day clothes
  • Sensible footwear
  • Toiletries
  • Two books and a jigsaw, if appropriate
  • If you wish to bring in snacks please keep them to a minimum. Snack-food should have a long shelf life and require no preparation, such as biscuits
  • If your relative has a mobile phone or tablet computer and did not bring it to hospital then you may wish to bring one in along with a charger. Please let the nurse in charge know if this is the case so they can add it to the patient belongings register.

* The Trust cannot be held responsible for valuables which are brought onto Trust sites at your own risk.

Ward telephone numbers

Here are the contact numbers for our wards at both Calderdale Royal Hospital (CRH) and Huddersfield Royal Infirmary (HRI).

Don't forget that you can also check in on a loved one by contacting our Relatives' Line.

It was set up to give families quick and direct updates on their loved ones. It is a single point of contact given to relatives or a designated friend when a patient is admitted. It is password protected and the team manning the number will have access to our patient information, so our ward staff have more time to care for their patients.

  • Telephone number: 01484 355370
  • Times: 07:30 – 19:30 seven days per week

Ward - CRH

Contact number

1A Birth Centre

01422 22 2136


01422 22 3666


01422 22 3221


01422 22 3203


01422 22 2141


01422 22 3277


01422 22 4226


01422 22 4563


01422 22 4477


01422 22 4249


01422 22 4925


01422 22 3271

Gynae Assessment

01422 22 4979


01422 22 3501


01422 22 4965


01422 22 3503


01422 22 3504


01422 22 3248/3201


01422 22 3662


01422 22 3636


01422 22 4524


01422 22 3702


01422 22 3703


01422 22 3704


01422 22 3801


01422 22 3813


01422 22 3658


01422 22 3803

Ward - HRI

Contact number

Ward 1 Surgical Assessment Unit Female

01484 34 2170

Ward 1 Surgical Assessment Unit Male

01484 34 2179

Ward 2 ICU

01484 34 2452/2453

Ward 3 Same Day Emergency Care and Frailty

01484 34 3472

Ward 4 Paedatrics

01484 34 2482

Ward 5 Geriatrics

01484 34 3636

Ward 6 Female

01484 34 3297

Ward 6 Male

01484 34 3296

Greenlea Unit (Chemotherapy)

01484 34 5068

Greenlea Unit (Oncology)

01484 34 3600

Ward 8 Acute Floor Clerk

01484 35 5339

Station 1

01484 34 5641

Station 2

01484 34 5644

Station 3

01484 34 5643

Ward 9 Male

01484 35 5295

Ward 9 Female

01484 35 5293

Ward 9 Reception

01484 35 5339

Ward 10

01484 35 5746

Ward 10 A Side

01484 35 5752

Ward 10 B Side

01484 35 5751

Ward 11

01484 35 3407

Ward 11 Male

01484 34 3429

Ward 11 Female 

01484 34 3430

Ward 12 Oncology/Haematology

01484 34 2475

Ward 14 Discharge lounge

01484 34 3499

Ward 15 Elderly Male

01484 35 5606

Ward 15 Elderly Female

01484 35 5605

Ward 15 Elderly Ward Clerk

01484 35 5659

Ward 17 Gastroenterology

01484 35 5827

Ward 18 Isolation Ward

01484 34 4202

Ward 19 Orthopaedics

01484 34 4350

Ward 20 Ward Clerk 

01484 34 2974

Ward 20 Complex Care Elderly Female

01484 34 2978

Ward 20 Complex Care Elderly Male

01484 34 2547

Ward 21 Orthopaedics Ward Clerk

01484 35 5804

Ward 21 A Side 

01484 35 5803

Ward 21 B Side

01484 35 5802

Ward 22 Surgical Clerk

01484 34 4205

Ward 22 Surgical B Side 

01484 35 5262/5265

Ward 22 Surgical A Side 

01484 35 5263