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Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU)

What is it?

Patient Initiated Follow up PIFU allows you to contact clinical teams when you feel you need to get help with your condition.

Or if you have a flare up of symptoms.

This means rather than having a prearranged or regularly scheduled appointments you can access help when you need it the most.

How does it work?

When you are put on to a PIFU you will need to look at the specialties (see below) select yours and you will find a guide card underneath the specialty.

On the card, you will find information on symptoms to look out for and who to contact.

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything unless you need help with your condition.

Please make sure you have viewed the guide card for your condition.

There is also a short video that you can view that explains PIFU further.


Video coming soon

What are the benefits?

  • Can save time and travel to the hospital.
  • Reduces waiting times for you the patient.
  • More flexibility and ability to speak to someone when you need to.

Easy Read Leaflet

Easy Read Leaflet (Coming soon)



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