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An introduction by our Chair

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do, and our staff are the beating heart of our organisation, working tirelessly day in, day out to deliver compassionate care to the people of Calderdale and Huddersfield.

But the world is changing and the way in which we deliver our services must evolve to tackle future challenges and the patient expectations of today. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a brutal reminder of how precious our NHS is. We have all been pushed to our limits by the relentless pressure on our health and care services.

We have a plan to do things differently, a plan that will build resilience by delivering more services in the community, supported by sustainable healthcare in our two hospitals, both of which will have an A&E with our planned care located in Huddersfield and our unplanned (acute) services in Calderdale.

The Government’s once in a generation investment of £196m will enable us to bring our ambitious plans to life by improving our buildings, embracing innovative new practices, and harnessing the transformative power of technology to deliver exceptional health and care services to Calderdale, Huddersfield and across West Yorkshire.

The economic ripple effect of such a massive investment cannot be overstated at such a critical time for our local economies. It brings a welcome boost in local spending, enabling new jobs and skills development in construction and associated trades, apprenticeships for younger people, and opportunities for skills development in digital technologies.

We also recognise our leadership role in addressing the climate emergency and so we are committed to supporting our colleagues in local government to encourage more sustainable travel solutions and a reduction of unnecessary care miles. That’s why we will ensure that from day one we have electric charging points in our new parking facilities and be ready to embrace emerging new technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells.

We hope you enjoy reading about our exciting plans and invite you to share your views with us. These are your hospitals, your community health services, your NHS. Let’s shape the future together.