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Under 7s

Support Groups

There is an excellent support group on Facebook for parents of children who stammer which you can ask to join if you think it might be helpful:

Here’s a link to support from the charity Stamma, including parent groups:

Useful Websites

Please follow this link to the Michael Palin Centre which gives lots of information about stammering including top tips for communicating with a young child with a stammer:

Here are some websites which have activities and resources to help children to regulate their emotions and build their confidence.

Helpful videos

This video is a great one to watch together with children:

Sam’s poem, I have a stammer.


Why do some children stammer?

This is a lovely video of a therapist explaining about how to keep things balanced to maximise smooth speech. why do some children stammer - YouTube


Understanding stammering in more detail

This is a great video to help you identify factors which may be contributing to or maintaining your child’s stammer. Understanding Stammering in More Detail - YouTube


The Communication Chain

Steph Burgess specialist speech and language therapist provides a good insight into how  your child’s language development  may relate to stammering.

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