Key Stage 2

Our KS2 stammer therapy groups are a great opportunity for children who stammer to come together and realise they are not alone! When asked, 100% of our children said that meeting other children with a stammer has made a difference to them. 

Our groups provide a safe space to learn more about stammering and explore it's impact. We aim to build knowledge and resilience while having a lot of fun along the way and supporting children to realise that it is OK to stammer. We also have a unique partnership with ROKT Foundation who provide exciting activities such as bouldering, climbing and caving which we incorporate into our therapy to really boost confidence in our children. 

Our KS2 groups are a blend of online group sessions which children usually access from their schools and a face to face session at ROKT Foundation. As part of this therapy package, we also provide a parent advice group and a training session for schools. 


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