Alexs' kindness results in a Star Award

Specialty Registrar, Alex Bullock has collected a Star Award* after making a huge effort for a patient’s 30th birthday when her young family were unable to visit due to restrictions. Owen told her she’d won after being nominated by midwife Amy Oliver, bottom right, saying “I think Amy is one of around 5000 people who want to nominate you, due to the brilliant work you do on the labour ward and how you look after our patients.

“A new mum was struggling, and you baked her a cake for her 30th birthday and arranged for the obstetric team to sing happy birthday to her. That was just a small part of the care you gave, and it made such a big difference to her. Your colleagues love working with you, you should be really proud.”

Consultant, Chetan Ruprai, added: “I’m so proud of you and want to congratulate you. Overall, you are exemplary. Our trainees love you which is why you were nominated as a Trainee Representative for medical students. You deserve this and a lot more to come.”

Amy’s nomination included: “What Alex did made this patient’s whole experience absolutely amazing. I started my career here, and Alex has never treated me different from student, band 5 or band 6 midwife. She truly is a cherished member of the team.”

*Our Star Award is our monthly colleague to colleague recognition programme