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Cancer Patient Pathway Co-Ordination Team win our Star Award

Cancer Patient Pathway Co-Ordination Team

Our Cancer Patient Pathway Co-Ordination Team are our latest Star Award winners, which is our peer-to-peer colleague recognition programme.

Presenting the award virtually, Chief Operating Officer, Helen Barker said: “You’re an amazing team and you do amazing things for our patients whether referred in with a potential or actual cancer diagnosis. It’s an absolute pleasure to present this award. I’m delighted for you all and want to thank you very much for everything you’ve done.”

Lead cancer manager Maureen Overton, nominated the team. Here’s a little of what she wrote: “We have continued to ensure patients receive their care in line with best practice with CHFT being one of the best performing Trusts for cancer, something the team has maintained throughout the pandemic. We are one of only a handful of Trusts who have achieved this.

“Despite working from home, the team has continued to deliver the same level of service and added to this a real commitment to looking after each other, supporting, listening, laughing through weekly meetings and daily calls. They coordinate with clinicians and departments daily. They’re not always easy conversations, but they do this with grace and tenacity always putting the patients first.

“They keep patients informed and are a friendly ear often being the main point of contact. Balancing this is personally challenging for each one of them yet they do it with such a positivity its inspiring. They are the main cog in the wheel of our amazing cancer service.

“The Trust is rightly proud of the level of performance achieved for patients with cancer, a key regulatory must do, and we wouldn't be delivering this without the expertise, dedication and commitment of this team.”