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Claire and Richard's Big Win!

Here’s Claire Sibbald and Richard Hill winning at the Our Health Heroes Awards. They scooped Digital Innovation Team of the Year for setting up our virtual appointments system in super-quick time to ensure our patients continued to receive their care during the pandemic.

Claire said: “There are so many people working incredibly hard in the NHS and other organisations right now, that it’s very humbling to receive an award for something that I consider as ‘just doing my job’. It’s for every single person who puts their trust in us, which has enabled us to implement a video appointment process at scale, in such an incredibly short space of time.” 

Richard added: “I do believe that the paths you cross along your way through life are planned for you. Meeting and working with Claire was a good path. Claire had the scope and the project management background, and I had the system knowledge and the enthusiasm, and this partnership began to evolve into a “work marriage” that could move mountains!”

Lisa Williams, our Assistant Director of Transformation & Partnerships, nominated them for their work as part of the Outpatient Transformation Project, and hailed them “the most productive duo I’ve seen in my career.” 

Richard and Claire’s work included produced infographics of operating policies, provided patient information in several languages and formats, and hosting live events remotely to demo to colleagues. They also set up ‘how-to’ guides with videos for patients and staff and piloted the process live with over fifty patients, over two days.

We’ve had some brilliant feedback including from a son who lives in Australia was able to attend an oncology appointment with his mother which wouldn’t have been possible without the video appointment service.