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“Even the Queen wouldn’t get better care!”


As the NHS turns 74 today - 5th July 2022 -  what better way to showcase our amazing colleagues than with this fantastic feedback.

The Frailty Team at HRI have received this tremendous all-round thank-you from a patient’s family. It ends with this……

“Whoever picked this cracking team or is in charge of coordinating this unit is doing a pretty tremendous job. I doubt the Queen (even in her jubilee year) would receive better care.”

So read on for the full version… and well done to them all!

"I wanted to write to you to thank the frailty team for the excellent care my mother received on the unit.

I do have some experience working in secondary care so I’m well aware of the enormous pressures hospitals are under. However, given my job falls within primary care I feel I can feedback objectively.

From calling the ambulance service to leaving my mother in the unit’s capable hands yesterday afternoon, her care has been seamless. I thought things were going well when the ambulance service arrived within a few minutes at her house, when my mother arrived in A&E for triage, everyone introduced themselves being polite , understanding and empathetic. However when she got to the frailty unit things became remarkable given her care was excellent up till then.

On first arriving ; Meg and Dawn the HCAs , Beth the student physio, Jo (I think !) the Nurse practitioner…sorry if I got that wrong , you were first rate! Rebecca Whiting the geriatrician and everyone else who I couldn’t remember the names ( my mother remarked how wonderful the male student nurse smelt when he was attending in taking my mother’s bloods! ).

All couldn’t have been more professional, capable and kind (that’s very important!)"