“I feel honoured to have been under the care of your fantastic staff.”


Mum Suzanna Bain has sent in a massive all-round thank-you to our Maternity Team after she had an emergency C-section at CRH in October last year and went on to successfully breast-feed her baby Corynne.

She said: “Corynne was born just after 6am. Ugly, goopy, but remarkably quiet and serene... which I believe was thanks to the calm environment in theatre.  The team was led by Benjamin Manchester, who was superb, as were the two midwives and the very skilled anaesthetist who supported him.”

Four hours later she was up and about and her recovery at home went smoothly too with very little trouble moving about or lifting her baby.

Suzanna adds: “Not only were the surgical team absolutely fantastic - caring, respectful, swift, efficient, skilled and very communicative - but the aftercare I received that morning and for the next few days was brilliant. I'd like to give a particular shout out to Karen and Claire, who supported me on my breastfeeding journey with wonderful knowledge and commitment.”

She says she is still feeding Corynne with her own milk now and that is one her proudest achievements and adds: “Our National Health Service - and the people who keep it breathing - is one of the lifebloods of our nation. I'm proud to say I'm a breastfeeding c-section mother who has a positive story to tell about her experience of it and feel honoured to have been under the care of your hospital and its fantastic staff.”