I felt like a kid for three hours!

They've had time to recover - though Sam Ingram still has issues of when a man's leopard print leggings distengrated and he had nothing on underneath! Especially on the monkey bars! Perish the thought...

On 23rd June at Bramham Park in Leeds a number of CHFT colleages participated in Total Warrior.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Total Warrior just think of a 12km long course with 25 punishing obstacles which include electrocution, crawling, climbing, freezing rivers and fire along with 10 tonnes of ice, 100 tonnes of mud, and if you complete the course, you got a free beer at the finish line!

So why did they do it?


Dr Stephen Hill, Consultant Anaesthetist: "Well to be honest, the AMD aka Mr Bhasin roped me into it along with the rest of the boot camp he goes to!"

Julian Winter, Consultant Cardiologist: "I did it mostly for fun, to get caked in mud and to do something challenging with loads of very good people". 

Neeraj Bhasin, Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Associate Medical Director: "Bootcamp has been a great way for me to de-stress and I did my first mud run to test myself. I then realised crawling through freezing cold water, getting covered in mud, climbing over walls, and jumping over fire was brilliant when doing with a team who laughed and helped each other all the way round. I would love to say I did it for great causes like Sam and Martyn, but I only did it to feel like a kid for 3 hours!

Sam Ingram: I did it as part of a team of 32 other ‘Cancer Commandos’ in memory of a friend who lost his battle with cancer earlier this year.  Ali was an ex-Royal Marine Commando who also fought during the Falklands War so Total Warrior seemed a fitting challenge. All 32 Cancer Commandos got round the 25 obstacles mostly in one piece, shame the same can’t be said about the leopard print leggings that some of the team wore! We are raising money for Overgate and Macmillan and if you can spare a couple of quid there is still time to donate Many thanks to those who have already donated.

Martyn Housecroft, Senior Finance Manager: "I was initially roped in to Total Warrior as part of a team of 9 people who ran in memory a friend who lost both parents over the last couple of years to Alzheimer and Dementia related conditions, it seemed appropriate for us to raise money for MIND who support a wide range of mental health related issues. I’ve entered a few obstacle races before so I can’t claim I didn’t know what I was getting into, but to be honest I really dislike the running part and would much rather have all the obstacles lined up in a circle to play on! I’ve already entered again for next year but also looking around for something with more obstacles and ideally less running if I can find it. As with Sam there’s still chance to donate on the following link both for great causes.


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