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Physio support for prostate cancer patients


A new 12-week pilot programme to support men with prostate cancer on long-term hormone therapy is starting this month. It focusses on reducing the impact of the side effects of hormone treatment through exercise and information tailored to educate and help patients support themselves.

Consultant Medical Oncologist, Uschi Hofmann, started a programme to support patients as there is evidence that hormone therapy may affect bone density, muscle mass and cardiovascular health. The programme will run in the Physiotherapy Gyms at CRH and HRI.

Nicky Hill, Prehab Lead said, “This is a great opportunity to explore the benefits of improving health and wellbeing through a tailored exercise programme for cancer patients. It is anticipated the outcomes of this can be transferrable in supporting patients’ prehab and rehab across other tumour sites”.

Patient representative, Geoff Eagle, who has prostate cancer, said: “My treatment includes hormone therapy for three years. I welcome the opportunity to meet with professionals to learn more about my treatment and how to manage its side effects. I hope to benefit from the managed-exercise programme.”

Here are pictures of the team demonstrating how they like to keep active to support their health.