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£92k award will improve cancer care


Nicky Hill, pictured, is celebrating a £92K cancer service innovation award to help patients with their nutrition and wellbeing during their treatment. The money has come from the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance.

Her proposal was to offer extra support to support lung, colorectal and NET cancer patients to improve their nutritional health and wellbeing prior to and during cancer treatment leading to improved recovery, quality, outcomes and survivorship.

Nicky, our prehabilitation lead said: “I was delighted to have been awarded the funding and I feel privileged to now be able to develop this much- needed support for patients, especially having seen and heard from patients where the lack of nutrition support has impacted on their cancer experience. “

Malnutrition can be a common problem in cancer patients who may have a poor diet due a lack of knowledge, healthy eating support, culinary skills, financial barriers and the effect of the disease.