Roundabout rescue wins Emily our Star Award

Ward 19's Emily Pawson is our latest Star Award winner after a dramatic early morning incident at Ainley Top when she spotted a teenager in distress.

The girl was injured and when Emily spotted her driving home from her night shift she wanted to stop..... but couldn't.

She said: " It was so busy I just kept driving round and round the roundabout keeping an eye on her. I was ringing work for advice then I called the police."

She pulled into the Toby Carvery car park, got out and followed the teenager on foot up the road to Brighouse.

She added: "I was getting worried as she got nearer the motorway but she had socks on and I had shoes so I knew, if need be I could run faster."

When the police arrived she went in the police car with the young woman holding her hand on the way to hospital.

She said: " I just wanted to establish a relationship with her and comfort her. She was very quiet at first but later said sorry and thank you. She was lovely and it was such a shame."

She stayed with her as they waited in A&E together, then left when she was being cared for. 

Emily, who leaves us in two weeks ror a new role at Leeds, said she was so grateful for her time at CHFT.

"I can't thank everyone enough for their support and everything I have learned here."

** She confessed when she first saw Owen appeaing with her framed certificate her initial reaction was: "Oh no, What have I done!"

Kate Broadhurst nominated her saying: "Emily definitely went above and beyond! She is compassionate, kind and caring." 


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