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Supporting better sleep wins ward 11 our latest CHuFT Star Award

Our team on ward 12 at Huddersfield have won our latest monthly peer to peer CHuFT Star Award for their efforts in supporting patients to have a good night's sleep.

They’ve a dedicated Sleep Champion and been introducing a raft of little measures which together are aimed at providing the best environment for a better night’s sleep for their patients. They also document how well their patients sleep.

And their efforts have won them the latest CHuFT Star Award.  Sister Marta DeVelascoGallo, right was so surprised and said it had been a “real team effort”. Chief Nurse Ellen Armistead, presenting, said it was the perfect example of “standing in the patients’ shoes” to create improvements.

Ward 12  measures include: getting squeaky trolley wheels fixed, providing caffeine-free hot drinks, all gadgets turned off, quiet talking among colleagues, offering earplugs where they can be worn, helping patients with the bathroom and their bedding needs and having an extra chat at bedtime with patients to  reassure them if they are worried.