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“They are the best Occupational Health Team I’ve ever come across.”

Our outstanding Occupational Health Team have really pulled out the stops to support colleagues over the pandemic, and it’s resulted in them taking home December’s Star Award.

Presenting his first award as Chief Executive, Brendan Brown said: “In whatever role you do, you have gone above and beyond. As quickly as we throw one thing at you, we throw in something else, and you never complain.

“You have completely adjusted your working patterns over the pandemic, going above and beyond and it’s really appreciated. I know you all think you’re just doing your jobs but you’re not, you’re doing more than that. It’s truly deserved.”

Assistant Director of Human Resources, Azizen Khan, added: “A shout out to Rachel Wood who has been holding this team together. This team is amazing Brendan. We’ve been on a real rollercoaster of a ride.

“For a team who have gone from working Monday to Friday, to covering seven days a week, they have been phenomenal.

“They always have a smile on their face and that goes a long way. I’m so proud of each and every one of them. They are the best Occupational Health Team I’ve ever come across. Keep up the good work.”

Senior Infection Control Nurse, Belinda Russell, who nominated the team for the award said: “I nominated this team because I know that they worked really hard last December. As much as our team came up against it, they did too with the Occupational Health swab results on top of everything else.

Belinda’s nomination included: The occupational health team are really going the extra mile right now. They embody One Culture of Care to colleagues and have been working constantly to ensure staff have the correct information around contact or covid testing, as well as finding time to vaccinate staff members who fall into different categories from the one size fits all.