They came with dreams and aspirations

Denise saying a few words before the flag raising
Rev Orlando Brown saying a blessing
An image of some of the colleagues who came to the flag raising ceremony


The 75th anniversary for Windrush Day brought the biggest turnout ever in the sunshine at HRI this morning (Thursday, 22nd June).

Our non-executive director Denise Sterling told the gathering “ The Windrush generation was there for the start of the NHS and, if not for them, the NHS may not be what it is today. I am descended from them. They are my heroes, every one of them is a hero. They paved the way for my generation, we stand on their shoulders.”

Singer Isaac Hope gave a moving rendition of Amazing Grace as the flag was hoisted by Denise and our CEO Brendan Brown.

Reverend Orlando Brown gave thanks and prayers.  Shortly afterwards Denise and organiser Polly Shunje joined others for a second ceremony at CRH.

Brendan said: “ As the years progress it becomes ever more poignant. We need to think about the next 75 years as we’ve still not got it right in 2023.”

Pictured from top: Denise saying a few words, Rev Brown saying a blessing and more colleagues gather to watch the event.