"I'm in awe of the Windrush generation". Denise's words on Windrush Day


On Tuesday 22nd June our Chief Executive, Brendan Brown, along with colleagues and our Non-Executive Director, Denise Sterling raised our Windrush Flag to recognise the contribution of our colleagues connected to the Windrush landings. 

Denise, 5th from left, said: " My own mother was recruited into the NHS as a nurse.  Denise said she was “in awe” of the Windrush generation.

She said: “ I am in awe of them. They responded to the call of the Motherland but not all were made to feel welcome. They rose above adversity, racism and discrimination and poor living conditions to buy houses, build businesses and build communities.

“ I witnessed first hand the challenges they faced, their resilience and their joy of life. I am proud to be here, proud of them and proud of legacy. “

Before hoisting the flag with our CEO Brendan Brown, she said while reflecting on the past fighting prejudice and intolerance to create and fair and inclusive environment is something we all want to be part of."