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“You don’t know until you try” – Helen loves her volunteer work


Our Helen Curtis, in the yellow t-shirt, is a clinical librarian who manages the Library and Knowledge Service and volunteers on the paediatric ward. She said: “I know how tough it is for clinical staff at the moment and I just wanted to help out.

“I volunteer on the paediatric ward, usually before starting my day job. I’ve been helping with breakfasts, cleaning, and chatting to patients and their carers. I stand up all the time, so it’s completely different to my normal working day!

“I have volunteered with some really nice people. Particularly Sarah Cook, the housekeeper on the paediatric ward (pictured front left), who has really taken me under her wing. I love chatting to the parents and the patients - especially the toddlers.

“My advice to anyone thinking about volunteering is to just give it a go. It may not be for you, but you don't know until you try. You do get a bright yellow polo shirt to wear which happily for me blends in quite nicely with the library décor!”

Colleagues who are interested can contact or