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“You’re like Superwoman!” Mandy’s our Star

Community Matron, Mandy Kazmierski is latest Star Award winner ahead of her retirement after 43 years for “truly stepping into the patient’s shoes”.

Presenting the award, Interim Chief Executive, Ellen Armistead said: “What a fitting tribute towards the end of your career. You’re like Superwoman and with all your studying, getting your Masters and volunteering. It’s an absolute honour to be here with you”.

Mandy said: “This is just lovely! I’m going to miss everyone when I retire and those patients who have taught me everything”.

Mandy was nominated by fellow Community Matron Sheila Kalanovic. She said: “I’ve not been able to sleep from excitement! Mandy deserves this so much.”

Sheila’s nomination included these lovely words: “Mandy has always shown how much she cares, truly stepping into patient's shoes, going the extra mile to ensure the patient is safe and given compassionate care in a timely manner. She has a great understanding of end-of-life care and a special empathetic knowledge of advanced planning and brings peace to those who are struggling with difficult decisions regarding their loved ones. In addition to her nursing role and to fulfil her passion for end-of-life care, Mandy has trained as a Doula and volunteers in the hospital each week to spend time with patients who have no family members - giving comfort and reassurance that they are not alone.”