Book a Virtual Visit

If you are unable to visit a patient in hospital you can have a 'virtual bedside visit.'  A virtual bedside visit is a video call using Microsoft Teams.  You will need to have a smart phone or tablet or a PC or laptop that has a video and microphone set up.

We can support a virtual visit by connecting patients using a Samsung tablet, so you are able to see your loved ones between a Monday and Friday.

Bookings can only be taken for the next day and the day after that unless on a Friday where the next available call will be on the Monday.

Please see the how to guide below and the link to the booking calendar for Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and Calderdale Royal Hospital.

Once you have booked the visit using the calendar the visitor will eceive an email with confirmation of the booking including the date and time, along with some instructions on how to start the visit.

The visitor will be able to cancel or rearrange a visit by choosing 'reschedule' in the email.

For more information on how to book a virtual bedside visit please click on the button below.

Please tell us which hospital you would like to have a virtual visit at by clicking on the image below. 

If you are having trouble or need further advice around virtual visiting please contact the main hospital switchboard HRI 01484 342000 or CRH 01422 357171.