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Blood Testing

The pathology directorate provides comprehensive laboratory services in support of diagnosis, monitoring and treatment for patients within the Trust’s hospitals and clinics, and for family practitioners within the local primary care trusts (PCTs).

The directorate is made up of four major disciplines: 

  • Cellular pathology (histopathology/cytology)
  • Microbiology/infection control
  • Blood sciences (haematology/clinical biochemistry/immunology)
  • Blood transfusion

All of these provide analytical, diagnostic and advisory services to their users. Analysis of specimens takes place within laboratories at Calderdale Royal Hospital and at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, which are managed as a single unit.

Cellular pathology is located at Calderdale Royal Hospital and microbiology at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. Blood sciences and blood transfusion are on both sites.

The directorate also provides an in-patient and out-patient phlebotomy (blood sample-taking) service at both of the Trust’s hospitals, and at certain clinics and surgeries within the community.

Arrangements during Covid-19

The Phlebotomy out-patient service remains open for patients who require blood tests for immediate patient management. Blood tests such as annual screening should be deferred when government advice is for necessary journeys only. 

Appointment only service

To support social distancing in Phlebotomy Departments in our hospitals we operate an appointment only service. This applies to patients attending for warfarin (INR) monitoring as well as patients attending for venepuncture blood tests. 

Only patients who have a pre-booked appointment (see below for the number) will be permitted to enter our Phlebotomy departments. This is to protect all patients and especially those who have medical conditions which increase their vulnerability to infection.

The patient appointment phone number is 01484 355765 for services at both CRH and HRI. The lines are open 0900-1600h, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). Appointments are released seven days in advance of the scheduled appointment time. When patients phone to book an appointment, they should have their NHS or MRN (hospital number) to hand and specify whether they would prefer to attend CRH or HRI (there is frequently more availability at CRH). Patients must bring their paper blood test request form when they attend their appointment. Digital images of request forms are not acceptable as we do not have the facilities to print these in the Phlebotomy Department.

We've moved to help support social distancing

The CRH Phlebotomy Dept. is now accessed directly via the Godfrey Road (Women and Childrens) car-park to avoid patients walking through the hospital. The HRI Phlebotomy Dept is now back at HRI on corridoor one, but is still strictly appointment only.

Patients who arrive more than 10 minutes early may be asked to wait outside or in their car to avoid crowding in the department. Similarly, we may not be able to accommodate patients who attend late for their appointment.  

Thank you for your support in helping the Phlebotomy Team deliver a safer service for all patients during this challenging time.

Who to contact to find out more

CRH - General Enquiries: (01422) 224194

HRI - General Enquiries: (01484) 342529

Meet the team

Division of Pathology

Director of Pathology: Dr G Boyd
Pathology Manager: Ms S Ramsden
Quality Manager: Ms A Milner

Clinical Biochemistry

Clinical Lead: Dr K Mitchell
Manager: Mrs H Baker


Clinical Lead: Dr K Rothwell
Consultants: Dr S Feyler; Dr W Swe; Dr N Oo
Manager: Mrs H Baker

Blood Transfusion

Specialist Practitioner: Ms M Lake
Manager: Mrs K English


Clinical Lead: Dr G Boyd
Consultants: Dr D Birkenhead; Dr A Rajgopal; Dr N Hardman
Manager: Mr J Hardy


Clinical Lead: Dr R Knights
Consultants:  Dr N D’Cruz; Dr J Garvican; Dr j Hyde; Dr S Knight; Dr V Kumarawamy; Dr S Litttleford

Manager: Mrs J Haigh


Manager: Emma Jones