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Cardiology/respiratory survey

Have you had cardiology or respiratory care from us?

If so we would like to hear about your views on the care you received.


Your views are really important to us and will help us shape the services for the future.

Click on the survey below and tell us what you think:

- Respiratory survey
- Cardiology survey 


  • We aim to provide the same care to you and your family whatever day of the week or time of the day you are an inpatient in Cardiology and Respiratory services. To do this we’d like to re-organise our services so we can have a senior clinician on the ground 7 days a week.
  • By providing more specialist care in the community we’d like to reduce the need to admit you to hospital at all.
  • By improving the care we provide to you in hospital whatever time of day or day of the week you are there, we’d like to reduce the length of time you need to be in hospital.
  • Over the next five years we want to provide joined-up, holistic, people centred care, to support people to stay fit and healthy for longer. There will be more changes in healthcare over the coming years, but the changes to Cardiology and Respiratory inpatient services could happen now, and patients and their families could benefit now, we don’t have to wait 5 years for the changes.
  • Finances within health are in a precarious state and there isn’t a large pot of money to pay for everything we may want to do.
  • From the conversations we have already had, we know people want to have services based locally, be cared for closer to home and to receive more support and education to look after themselves better for longer. We are making those changes and although progress is slow, it is there and has the potential to be very successful. We will keep refining the Care Closer to Home programme as it grows.
  • We want to have health care services that are provided by staff that have the right skills, values and behaviours patients and the public expect. They also need to be services we can sustain given that we know there are certain staff and skills shortages at a national level that is also reflected at a local level.