Community Matrons

Community matrons (Calderdale) support people with serious long term conditions or a complex range of  conditions.

People with a long term condition have a disease which exists for their whole life such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other respiratory diseases, and heart disease.

Your community matron will make sure your care is properly coordinated. This will mean less duplication and fewer unnecessary trips to the hospital or the doctors– saving you time and effort. They will make sure you understand how your medicines help you and may prescribe you new  medicines on behalf of other health professionals. In addition, they will make sure your views are  listened to and that your care is designed around your needs so you can be confident that you are in control of your health and care.

Often people with a long term condition are admitted as emergency cases to hospital because their  symptoms have suddenly got out of hand. A community matron can help prevent such emergencies  happening in the first place by spotting difficulties as they arise and making sure you have the right care and medication to deal with them. Also, for those whose complex care needs are severe, a  community matron can maximize your treatment and organise other support service to help you live  in your own home.

Where to Find Us

You may be eligible for a community matron if you have a severe long term condition or a complex range of conditions.

People who are eligible may have had several emergency hospital admissions or are at risk of having to move from their own home into a nursing home because of their condition. Speak to your doctor for advice on whether you can access a community matron and they will help  you to get in touch if it is appropriate for you.

Meet the Team

Our community matrons are highly experienced, senior nurses who work closely with you and your doctor to plan and organise your care. As well as providing your nursing care, they can act as your ‘case manager’ – the single point of contact for care, support or advice.