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Day Surgery Unit

More and more surgery is carried out as day case, with the patient treated and home in the same day. This is good for the patient and it also makes a significant contribution to reducing NHS waiting times.

Both our day units provide a variety of surgical services. At Huddersfield there is also a dedicated day case paediatric service.

Day surgery also offers some one-stop services for some procedures such as carpal tunnel decompression, which has been recognised and praised by the modernisation services. General surgery (eg dealing with lumps and bumps) is carried out by the Clinical Director of day surgery and  his team.

All our staff have followed training programmes unique to day surgery. We are extremely proud of  our units and believe we are making a real difference to patients who undergo day surgery. The two units treat more than 11,000 patients per year and are usually open from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm, Monday to Friday and cater for all surgical specialities. Admission times are 7.30 am for patients  having surgery in the morning and 11.30 / 12 pm for patients undergoing surgery in the afternoon. At Huddersfield following the initial outpatient appointment, patients are directed to the Day Surgery Unit, where a medical and social assessment is carried out by an experienced day surgery nurse. It is on this visit that a mutually agreed date for surgery is given for admission. Some specialties in Calderdale also have dedicated day case surgery lists with every effort made to mutually agree the admission date.

Children’s Surgery

Bubbles provide distraction therapy.

Fridays in Huddersfield have always been dedicated to paediatrics. We believe that best practice demands that children and their parents and carers are provided with a child friendly environment in which to play and relax and that all aspects of their care be attended to by staff with special training in the needs of children. The unit has toys, videos and games and distraction therapy is used in the operating theatre. The unit also has baby changing facilities. A post-operative telephone call offers reassurance and support to parents and carers the day after surgery.

The unit has won an award for clinical excellence in its work carrying out paediatric tonsillectomies as a day case. This work was led by Mr C. Newbeggin and his team.

Nurse-led Acupuncture Clinic

Two consultants use the department in Huddersfield to administer pain treatments. This service is  further enhanced and supported by a day surgery nurse who has trained in acupuncture. Each  patient receives six treatments initially, and then an assessment is carried out to determine if further  top up sessions would be of benefit.

Where to find us

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary has a purpose-built day surgery unit with its own reception area, waiting rooms, three theatres and recovery, a ward area and a pre-discharge lounge. Turn right at the main entrance and then use the lift or stairs to go down two floors to the basement corridor. Day Surgery clearly marked to the left. The unit it also accessible from South Drive, where there are short stay parking spaces for picking up and dropping off patients.

Calderdale Royal Hospital: At the main entrance go past reception to the lifts. Take a lift or stairs to the third floor and turn right. The Day Procedure Unit is signposted.

Who to contact to find out more

The matron for both units is Maggie Metcalfe CRH on 01422 223130 or HRI 01484 342265.

At Huddersfield Royal Infirmary you can also contact office manager Carol Crowther on 01484  342856.

At Calderdale Royal Hospital you can also contact Sister Lee-Anne Oddy on 01422 357171 ext  3748/3749.