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Specialist Clinics

In our General ENT clinics, we see children and adult patients with a wide spectrum of ENT conditions. We also have several specialist clinics.

The Aural care clinic is led by Catherine Hawkes and Karina Ash (ENT Specialist Nurses). They occur daily at either Huddersfield Royal Infirmary or Calderdale Royal Hospital, and provide ear care to patients with persistent or recurrent ear infections, and patients who require ongoing wax clearance after mastoid surgery.

A one stop service is also available for patients requiring routine dewaxing.

Auditory implants are surgically implanted hearing devices and can help a select group of patients with hearing problems. The most commonly performed of these is the Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA).

A thorough assessment is carried out by an experienced Audiologist and ENT Surgeon before determining whether a patient is suitable for Auditory Implant surgery.

The team comprises of:




Mr S Charlett

ENT Surgeon

Mr D Mistry

ENT Surgeon

Mr G Smelt

ENT Surgeon

J Cropper


N Waite

Senior Audiologist

O West


The ENT Botox Clinic occurs bimonthly at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. Mr G Smelt (ENT Surgeon) performs Botox injections to treat:

  • Spasm of the larynx, which affects the voice
  • Muscle spasm after radiotherapy
  • Severe neurological dysphagia, including globus pharyngeus
  • Facial tics
  • Frey’s syndrome (Sweating triggered by eating)
  • Poor saliva control.

Emergency clinics are held from Monday to Friday at Calderdale Royal Hospital. Patients with urgent problems are referred by GPs and A&E to be assessed and treated by an experienced ENT doctor or nurse.

The Head and Neck clinic is run by the Head and Neck Team at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

The Head & Neck Clinic provides care and support to patients with benign (non-cancer) and malignant (cancer) diseases, including disorders of the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

The dedicated Head and Neck team comprises of:



Mr D Martin-Hirsch

ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon

Mr A Orabi

ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon

Mr D Sutton

Maxillofacial Nurse

Catherine Hawkes

ENT Specialist Nurse

Karina Ash

ENT Specialist Nurse

Andrew Mason

Lead Macmillan Head and Neck Cancer Nurse

Natalie Haigh

Macmillan Head and Neck Cancer Nurse

Zoe Robshaw

Macmillan Head and Neck Cancer Nurse

Sarah Topen

Head and Neck Dietician 

Ann-Marie Smith

Speech Therapist

Head and Neck Clinics occur on:

  • Monday (ENT and Maxillofacial)
  • Thursday (Maxillofacial)

The Laryngectomy clinic is led by Catherine Hawkes and Karina Ash (ENT Specialist Nurses) and Anne-Marie Smith (Speech Therapist). This clinic occurs once a month and provides care and advice to patients with laryngectomy stomas and speech valves.

For urgent problems, advice and hands-on assistance is available as required. Please contact Catherine Hawkes on 01484 343255.

This bimonthly clinic is run by Mr S Charlett (ENT Surgeon) and N. Waite (Senior Audiologist) and provides care to children with complex ear abnormalities, and to children with complex needs and hearing loss.

The Voice Clinic is held once a month at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and led by Mr G Smelt (ENT Surgeon and Laryngologist) and Aisha Tai (Voice Therapist). This Specialist Clinic is dedicated to the assessment and treatment of patients with voice disorders. This includes professional voice (Vicars, Actors, Politicians, D.J.s etc.) and singers of all varieties, from Opera to Rap – amateur and professional.

If you require further information please Contact Us.